Female Driving lessons in Kingston and Twickenham

Judith teaches in a Manual car providing Driving lessons in Epsom, Esher, Kingston, and Walton on Thames.


Age: 40’s

Car: Blue Renault Clio

Experience: 20+ years driving

Hobbies: Watching rugby, cycling and tennis; animals; socialising; travelling; and eating out.

Languages: English

Qualities: Easy going, professional, patient, fun, good listener.

Personal Profile: My interest is teaching people how to be a safe driver for life and ensuring that every pupil who learns to drive with me enjoys their lessons from start to finish. I'm a very patient tutor so no one has anything to worry about when they book their lessons with me.









Walton on Thames


Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson
4 60 60
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
10 hour
15 hour
20 hour
25 hour
30 hour
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Aga: ”Thank you Judith for helping me to pass my driving test.Judith has been a very good instructor, helped me to become confident in myself and always believed in me more than I did myself. She is very patient and explains things very well.Very supportive, punctual and helpful.BIG THANK YOU!!! ”

Amber with Driving test pass certificateAmber: ”Judith is an Amazing driving instructor! She is funny and patient which is just what I needed, she taught me so well. Just like a lot of people I get nervous under pressure in test conditions meaning I didn't pass the first few times because of one mistake each time. However Judith coached me through it even when I wanted to give up. Now I am a great driver so BIG thank you to Judith!”

Susan: ”A big thank to Judith who helped me pass my driving test first time She's a amazing driving instructor couldn't of done it without her. Would 100% recommend her! Thank you so much. ”

Emma: ”A massive thank you to Judith for helping me pass my test. An excellent instructor. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. She is very easy to get on with, organised and patient - many times I tested her patients! she not only helps develop your skills but your confidence on the road too. ”

Morgan with Driving test pass certificateMorgan: ”Judith is such a lovely instructor, she is very patient and also tells you everything you need to know down to the finer detail! She made passing my driving test for the 1st time so easy as I was really confident from my lessons with Judith. I recommend Judith to all new drivers as she gives you all the skills you need not only for passing your test, but also for making you ready to drive by yourself. She gives constructive criticisms and also helps you find the answer to your own questions rather than just telling you, which I found really useful and soon became able to react to situations myself in a safe and correct manner. Her car is always spotless and the windows are just so lovely and clean! Such a pleasure learning with Judith.”

Sarah Pratt: ” I just wanted to say a big thank you to Judith my instructor. She was brilliant in the way she taught me how to drive. She was patient, supportive and made me feel really comfortable. Thanks to Judith's support and guidance I passed my driving test 1st time. ”

Terren: ”I took my first and last lesson with Judith and thanks to her I passed on my first attempt. Judith is a great instructor to have, she's very patient, reliable, fun and has given me the confidence to drive anywhere. I've had such a great experience with Judith and if I had to do it all again she would definitely be my first choice. Thanks judith. ”

Bryan with Driving test pass certificateBryan: ”Judith is an excellent driving instructor. Punctual, patient and organised. Judith always delivers structured lesson plans and is very thorough. So when she says you are ready to pass, then I would not doubt it. Got the job done, passed first time, feel confident driving and we had a few good few laughs along the way. Thanks Judith, All the best ”

Rosemarie: ”Most marvellous driving instructor on the planet! Passed my test first time all thanks to lovely Judith. Believe you me, if she can pull me through she can pull absolutely anyone through ... Many thanks Judith, you're a genius! Looove driving ”

Demi with Driving test pass certificateDemi: ”I did my lessons with Judith she is such a good instructor I passed my test first time and wouldn't have been able to do it without her support and belief in me - Thank you Demi ”

Anish: ” It was my first ever driving class.I was bit tensed though to start with.Punctualty is the first thing about ms Judith. She was friendly and the way she did the cockpit drill was fabulous. I am now more enthusiastic than before to learn driving...... ”

Thea Wilsher: “I had my very first driving lesson last week with Judith and she was wonderful! She created a very relaxed atmosphere and was extremely patient throughout the entire lesson. I've booked more lessons with her and would recommend her highly! “

Vitor with Driving test pass certificateVitor passed his driving test with Judith.

Susan with Driving test pass certificateSusan passed her driving test 1st time.

Emma with Driving test pass certificatePass for Emma with Judith

Ciaran with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Ciaran with Judith

Terren with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Terren with Judith

Bryan with Driving test pass certificateBryan passed his test with Judith

Evanee with Driving test pass certificateEvanne passed her test with Judith

Denise with Driving test pass certificateDenise passed her test with Judith

Tasha with Driving test pass certificateTasha passed her test with Judith

Michael with Driving test pass certificateMichael passed his test with Judith