Driving Instructor in Putney and surrounding areas

Mark teaches in an manual car providing Driving lessons in Putney, Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Chelsea.


Age: 50’s

Car: Nissan Micra

Experience: 30+ years

Languages: English.

Hobbies: Watching motor sports and playing golf.

Personal Profile: I am patient, understanding and will take my time to teach you the correct way to drive - and we will have a laugh along the way!






Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 24
24 24
4 60 60
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details 160.00
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
10 hour
15 hour
20 hour
25 hour
30 hour
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Elina: ”I was a bit of a lost cause when it came to driving. I stopped about 20 years ago after a bad experience and after a few failed attempts to get back into it, I gave up all together. At some point I realised I had to get my act together as school runs can’t wait and I can’t rely on others for help forever. So I called 1st class and that’s how I met Mark. Mark has everything you would ever want for from a driving instructor. He listened and he understood. Patient, calm and persistent, perseveres until you get it. Very good at explaining concepts and clarifying hazy areas. Warm and kind, but strict when required. Also great fun to talk to. I drive my kids to school now and do all my chores all by my self. I can only marvel at how on earth he managed to instil confidence in someone like me. I am deeply grateful. In Mark I did not just find a brilliant teacher but also a friend. ”

Paul: ” I really appreciated Mark's thorough and detailed approach to teaching me to drive. I would recommend him to anyone. I managed to pass first time, and I'm in no doubt that was because of his excellent instruction. He is patient, encouraging and totally professional. Thanks so much! ”

Christine: ” I would just like to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to Mark for all the support he has provided with my driving journey. I THANKFULLY met Mark at a time where I had lost all confidence in my driving ability, specifically due to having unhelpful instructors in the past who had completely knocked my confidence. Through out every lesson Mark attentively coached and calmly provided constructive support, I believe that it is this calm and focused nature that Mark possesses that dramatically built my confidence enough to pass my test! Many thanks for your encouragement and congrats for yet another success story! I strongly recommend this instructor to you all! ”

Zeeshan: ”My instructor Mark Gaze is not only a great instructor but is also very honest and genuine. I moved from America and had driving experience from there. Prior to my lessons with Mark, I used a different instructor who not only destroyed my confidence but also made me dread my lessons. After two lessons with this different instructor, I found this website 1stclassdriving and saw the testimonials of Mark and thought let's switch over. On my very first lesson, Mark realized I could drive and suggested that I should book my test. I was pleasantly surprised and booked my test for 5 weeks later. We had a lesson every weekend thereafter leading to my test. Mark corrected the mistakes I was making and made me a better and safer driver for the UK. Mark is very patient and is a good guy to be around. I highly recommend him because he is honest, he genuinely wants you to pass, and he cares about his pupils. I took the test in Morden Test Center and passed with 3 minor faults. Mark can get you there! ”

Galvin: ” I passed with Mark at the Morden test center. My time with Mark was absolutely amazing, he was patient, attentive and very understanding. I was worried that I would struggle to find an instructor who would manage to get me test ready before the new year due to previous bad experiences however, everything I read about Mark on the 1st class website was indeed correct. Absolutely wonderful instructor & person to say the least. ”

Tara: ” After wanting to starting my driving lessons for ages I finally found 1st class driving. I went through each video and found Mark I'm so glad I did he boosted my confidence and taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test 1st time I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to take lessons. I'm actually going to miss having my lessons with him ... thank you Mark ”

Kerry: ” I have to say it took me a long time to find the right school and choose an instructor I thought I would need the right person for me, I was very choosey too, I kept searching and each time I was drawn back to 1st class, and I feel I choose wisely, 1st class gave me the option to choose an instructor using their profile and I choose Mark who is an amazing teacher to driving he gave me great confidence and I would recommend him and 1st class to anyone who is struggling to choose a driving school. I write this review as I have passed my test within the time I allowed myself because I had such a fantastic instructor. Thank you Mark ”

Pavan: ” Though have over 20-years of driving experience outside UK, facing the driving test / examiner in UK always made me nervous, have failed 2 times in the past to add to my misery. Finally after re-passing my theory and booked classes with Mark, he was an absolute delightful trainer. He gave me so many pointers, and he's got a lot of patience and the knack to communicate the same. Though I failed my first attempt, but that was absolutely my own making, but the second time I passed, and I'm really thankful to Mark to help me unlearn the old habits and learn the required ones over again. I'd certainly recommend him for anybody. I know even as of now, he's going to be my partner's trainer too very soon. ”

Nadenea: ” I was very lucky to have had an instructor like Mark as he was always calm and patient with me throughout my lessons. I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience learning to drive and will miss our chats. With Mark’s help, I now feel confident in myself as a driver. ”

Sophia: ” I just had Mark teach me for my driving test and he was absolutely great. Really patient and kind. I had come to him a bit of a nervous wreck having failed many exams a few years ago and being very close to giving up. But Mark took me through everything again really slowly over 20 hours of lessons and I passed! A miracle. If you trust and listen to what he says, you'll absolutely get through it and hopefully be a safe driver for life! ”

Hiliwona: ”Mark is a brilliant instructor and so full of knowledge. His techniques, patience and the way he teaches maneuvers has made a huge difference to my confidence on the roads. He gives you markers and pointers to look out for so you know that you can reverse parallel park anywhere! Couldn't have passed without Mark for sure. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ”

Rory: ” The service I have received from 1st Class has been incredible but more notably Mark, my instructor. Prior to Mark, I used a well known driving school in London but found their service to be very inadequate as the tutor would cancel lessons randomly and when i was able to have a lesson, he'd spend more time on his phone than helping me! Mark on the other hand, is attentive, punctual and never criticises. He identities your mistakes and weaknesses and then helps you work on them in a clear and understanding manner. To top this off, he's just a very approachable and friendly bloke and although my lessons were taken with care and seriousness I was still able to have a good laugh with him along the way! ”

Aretha: ”I'd like to say a big thank you to Mark for all his time and patience teaching me to drive. I passed my test 1st time with Mark, and feel he is an excellent instructor whom I would recommend to anyone just starting out with driving. Mark is very friendly and calm in his approach,and always uses lots of jokes and unforgettable examples to make sure you have a good understanding of what he is teaching in the lesson. Whenever I made a mistake Mark would never loose his calm, he would offer me reassurance whilst subtley reinforcing the correct way. I feel I made very fast progress with Learning to drive with Mark as he praises you where you are doing well, and puts a lot of effort into targeting your weak points and ensuring a good portion of the lesson is dedicated to mastering those areas. Mark made me feel very confident in driving and again I am very thankful that he was the instructor I had. I will be pointing my little sister in his direction for her driving lessons very soon ”

Moien: ”Had my lessons with Mark and passed first time, he was calm and very thorough throughout the lessons. I had no problem during the test at all what he told and expected was basically all I needed to know, we went on the exact route on the test day. ”

Yi with Driving test pass certificateYi: ”Mark is a remarkable driving instructor in my eye as a software engineer. He find your driving weak spots(bug), targeting them & keeps working those until they are all gone in a very effective manner! With Mark I have passed my practical driving test in a matter of just few months as a fresh starter (not much driving experience before !), I don't think this would be possible with a different driving instructor! I found Mark friendly, knowledgeable, professional, hardworking and trustworthy and I wouldn’t hesitate a bit to recommend Mark to any friends or family !”

Jake with Driving test pass certificateJake: ”I started lessons with mark a few months ago and having had a previous instructor leave me in the lerch to move home, I was back to square one. Mark helped get rid of my old bad habits and taught me the right way to drive, safely, efficiently with practical everyday driving knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend Mark for anyone who wants to pass there test with confidence. I am happy for learners to contact me for more information and detail. I can not thank Mark enough and a big thank you to the 1st Class Driving School team who always answer the phone right away and no robotic answering machines. A+ Customer Service along with it.”

Jana: ”I tried 4 different instructors, out of which 3 were completely useless (or even harming my confidence to drive). The one, though, was exceptional. His name is Mark and I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO MARK thanks to whom only I passed my driving lesson, and this for the first time. Here is my story in detail: Before I found Mark I had one instructor, who had no patience whatsoever, hated its job and taught me completely wrong things. Then I found Mark and I was very happy for it, but I needed to move 75 miles away before I took the practical driving lessen test so I thought I would look for another instructor there. I tried two other instructors close to my new home, and they were both horrible - the ones that can completely discourage you from driving ever again in your life. So I decided to go back to Mark and for the last 2 months of my driving training I was commuting 75 miles (every weekend) to get my driving lesson from him. I can tell you that this was well worthwhile doing because he and only he helped to get my driving lesson and I passed the practical test on my first go! This all can tell you how great Mark is. He has amazing patience and he will never make you feel that you are stupid because you don't get things for the first time. He will lead you and will give you great confidence that you can drive. I can HUGELY RECOMMEND MARK! Again, thank you Mark... ”

Marilaine: ” I would like to thank Mark for his hard work, competence and patience in helping me pass my test. I totally recommend him ! ”

Jana: “Being a non-driver for 7 years and used to driving on the right side in Europe, I was lucky to get Mark as my driving instructor. I found him a tremendous help to refresh my skills and learn how to drive on the left hand side. He is a very calm and motivating instructor, and teaches key things effectively. he never just told me what I did wrong, he always explained why. He managed to get the basics across in just 4-5 hours and didn’t push me to take more hours. He used the right blend of theory and practice and provided very useful materials to learn outside the actual driving lessons”

Michael: “I would like to write a few lines of appreciation for the effort and patience you put into my driving lessons Mark gave me over the past four months. Mark’s instruction resulted in my passing my driving test first time and my obtaining a full license and this at the age of 62 and never having driven a car before. I recall my initial anxiety about driving on a main road and how this passed after just a short time, I could not believe just how rapid my early progress was! I was amazed and grateful that Mark never lost his temper with me at those moments when I was perhaps slow to understand the intentions behind your words and the value of what Mark was saying”

Beverly J: “Mark helped me get over my fear of meeting situations on the roads plus making me feel more confident on the UK roads in general and then passing my practical exam which was a great experience as I felt relaxed and confident, all credit is for Mark. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mark to friends and family. I found Mark to be reliable and professional”

Christine: “Just wanted to say thank you to Mark for everything you did to help me pass my practical test! Even though I already knew how to drive, without your lessons I would not have been able to drive to DSA standards. Good job and I will recommend you in the future to anyone that needs driving lessons

Olga: “Thanks to Mark I am much more confident with my driving and I am no longer anxious on the road with on coming traffic. I got the results I wanted fast!! I had excellent tutoring and now I am looking forward to buying my first car”

Sophia: “Mark is honest, trustworthy and hardworking. His understanding and helped me pass my test first time! Mark goes out of his way to satisfy”


 Tara with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Tara with Mark

 Elthan with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Elthan with Mark

 Daniel with Driving test pass certificateDaniel passed his Driving test with Mark

 Sarah with Driving test pass certificateSarah passed her Driving test with Mark

 Casey with Driving test pass certificateCasey passed her Driving test with Mark

 Cheryl with Driving test pass certificateCheryl passed her Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Emily with Driving test pass certificateEmily passed her Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Laura with Driving test pass certificateLaura passed her Driving test with Mark 1st time

 William with Driving test pass certificateWilliam passed his Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Krishna with Driving test pass certificateKrishna passed her Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Julian with Driving test pass certificateJulian passed his Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Mia with Driving test pass certificateMia passed her Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Rachael with Driving test pass certificateRachael passed her Driving test with Mark 1st time

 Richard with Driving test pass certificateRichard passed his Driving test with Mark

 Khalid with Driving test pass certificateKhalid passed his Driving test with Mark

 Bilal with Driving test pass certificateBilal passed his Driving test with Mark

 Aline with Driving test pass certificateAlone passed her Driving test with Mark