Female Driving lessons in Greenford, Southall and Hounslow

Parveen teaches in a Manual car providing Driving lessons in Hounslow, Hillingdon and Hayes.

Parveen Female Driving lessons in Greenford headshot

Age: 40’s

Car: Nissan Micra

Experience: 20+ years driving


Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu


Personal Profile: Professional, polite and generous








Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 12.50
25.00 25.00
5 125 125
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details £150
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
10 hour
15 hour
20 hour
25 hour
30 hour
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Sabina: ”: I have just passed today! Parveen was a fantastic instructor, very patient and encouraging. She was very good at helping me improve my driving. If I did something wrong she would explain why it went wrong and what I should do next time in a very understanding manner. I can confidently say that Parveen is hands down the best instructor I know!! Parveen is not only very professional, but also very funny and entertaining!! She makes the lessons interesting and intensive at the same time, but most importantly you genuinely get what you paid for! Let's be honest no one likes wasting money and I can comfortably say that my money was not wasted but the opposite. It was worth it! All of it. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Definitely worth it! You'll see it for yourself! I can't recommend this instructor enough. Thanks a lot Parveen! ”

Sophia: ”First and foremost a very punctual and very reliable person. I had a bad experience with a previous instructor and had thought of giving up. Parveen encouraged and i regained my confidence in driving a manual car. Parveen was very patient and assisted me in ironing out my weaknesses and i eventually passed. I would like to take this time to thank her plus 1st class driving to providing really dedicated instructors. ”

Anjali: ”What makes Parveen aunty such an amazing instructor is not only her incredible teaching skills, but also her drive to make a difference in a persons life, big or small. The only reason someone as anxious as me was able to pass first time is because I was lucky enough to have my lessons with Parveen aunty where I could learn, laugh, be myself and really enjoy the skills I was gaining. Her genuine care and efforts to make me a confident driver shone through every lesson without fail and I will really miss them!! Aunty, thank you for believing in me and being such a wonderful teacher and pillar of positivity! You really are an inspirational person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ”

Kresma: ”Parveen has helped me to convert my failures into success. She has helped me to find my strengths, drive away tears, overpower demons and conquer fears on the road and off the road. She has pushed me to do better in life and has made me have a more positive outlook on life. She treats her students as one of her own and she deserves a lot of respect for the way she teaches and the way she is. I have had an excellent time and will always thank her for her help to have reached one of the important landmarks in life. ”

Zaynab: ” Parveen is a wonderful instructor and I had the pleasure of learning with her. She is very informative and ensures you are well prepared for the test as well as the challenges on the road. Although it took me slightly longer than usual to get my license, Parveen has always been a great support, and motivated me not to give up. She is also a very honest and punctual person, and not afraid to speak her mind where appropriate. Therefore, I would recommend parveen 100% to anyone regardless of the level you are at. You are ready to learn she is the instructor to go. I certainly couldn't have asked for a better instructor. ”

Krunal: ” Thanks for all your support Parveen Time you spent teaching me to drive. I have enjoyed every minute working with you it has been great! Parveen is very informative and patient with me by explaining everything i need to know I recommend you if you need an instructor who not only teach you how to drive but also build your confidence level And Thanks To Parveen that I achievement. My goal I have passed My Test first Time. “Thank You Very Much” ”

Adam: ” I just want express my gratitude for having such greate instructor(Parveen). Honestly she is very encouraging, generous and punctual person, it's therefore if you are looking for not just to qualify but also to have professional training with confortable learning experience then I would verily recommend you to learn with her. ”

Raeesah: ” I finally passed my test a few days ago with only 2 minors!! Parveen is honestly THE best instructor I could have asked for. After a previous bad experience with an instructor at another company, I was put off from taking any driving lessons but I am so glad that I found Parveen. As someone who gets super anxious very easily, I was hesitant to learn driving but within minutes of my first lesson she made me feel at ease! She is such a supportive, understanding and friendly individual and I would highly recommend that people choose her as an instructor. Thank you Parveen for everything - may you and your family always be blessed! ”

Lesya: ” Last week I took my driving exam and passed for the first time,!!!!! this was due to my great instructor Parveen. She is very honest and very resposible for her students and help them to do the best they can. I had only a few lessons with her but she put lots of effort in training me to pass my exam. I recommend her highly and give her 11/10. ”

Shanika: ” I would like to say Parveen has been the best supportive, funny, firm but fair driving instructor I've ever had. if you feel like you will never get the hang of driving, well Parveen will turn your insecurity into positivity.Its been a pleasure driving with her and I 110% recommend anyone who WANTS to PASS first time to go with her. ”

Noushina: ” Thanks to The Almighty Allah I passed my driving test yesterday on my FIRST attempt, perhaps someone else that I should thank in the world is my instructor Parveen; without her it would be impossible to pass the test ! It was honestly an amazing journey with lots of ups and downs but we still sticked to each other became really close. I tried to understand her more and more, she is such a lovely, caring and very honest person with a golden heart. I really wish her the best in the world and may God bless her with happiness, lots of love and I will miss you so much; definitely she will be the first person that I will recommend to any learner !!! Thanks to The Almighty Allah I passed my driving test yesterday on my FIRST attempt, perhaps someone else that I should thank in the world is my instructor Parveen; without her it would be impossible to pass the test ! It was honestly an amazing journey with lots of ups and downs but we still sticked to each other became really close. I tried to understand her more and more, she is such a lovely, caring and very honest person with a golden heart. I really wish her the best in the world and may God bless her with happiness, lots of love and I will miss you so much; definitely she will be the first person that I will recommend to any learner !!! ”

Hetalkumar: ” Hi all I have just passed my test, first time and with only 4 minors. Parveen was an excellent instructor, very patient and really helped build my confidence. I would highly recommend her, especially if you are a nervous driver. I can't thank her enough for getting me through my test!” ”

Ozlem : ” I passed my test all thanks to Parveen! I can not thank God enough for leading me to Parveen as my previous experience of another instructor wasn't very good. Parveen helped me to enjoy driving right from the beginning. Parveen is very kind, genuinely caring, always professional, incredibly patient and highly motivating. She is a rare type of instructor and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others. She paid careful attention to my needs and met those needs effectively and with productive use of time. Parveen doesn't like to waste time in getting her students to become good and safe drivers. I felt fully equipped for when I went for my tests, and even through my failures Parveen remained encouraging and helped me through my disappointments with professionalism and generousity. She has been great from start to finish! She is the Best of the Best. God bless you Parveen. I will miss you xx ”

Hasna : ” I passed my test yesterday first time with 0 driving fault after 28 hours of lessons , thanks to Amazing Parveen with her wonderful ways of teaching. She is such a lovely , patient, sincere and caring driving instructor. She was always there to answer all my questions. she empowered me making me a stronger person. If I did not have her as an instructor I would have given up driving. Words are not enough to praise her. She is incredible, with all skills in teaching. She made me a safe driver and now I can overcome my phobias of driving. If you need a driving instructor asked for Parveen as she is the best of the best. She will teach you to become a confident and safe driver. She will be always there for you, as she gives 100% in her job. Parveeen you have change my life I cannot thanks you enough for that. God bless you and your family. I will missed you a lot. lots of love HASNA ”

Arvile : ” I have passed my test four days ago first attempt! And I thank Praveen for this. I had a bad experience with another instructor previously (and another company), however already after first lesson with Praveen, I was actually looking forward to my driving lessons! She is very professional, always on time, super patient. And made my whole 'learning to drive' experience so enjoyable. I am highly recommending Praveen to anyone and everyone who wants to learn to drive 'stress free' and also have fun while learning - Thank you Parveen!!! You are the best instructor! ”

Rabia : ” I'm 17 years old, and I passed my test today at my first attempt! After a previous experience with my first driver I just lost faith in myself and I ended up with little to zero confidence. However after coming across Parveen and taking a couple lessons I came out of every lesson smiling. I had fun whilst I learnt and Parveen made the road look a lot better and less scary! I would recommend Parveen to everyone I know and anyone who is looking to learn the safe way, I have had a great experience learning how to drive and I can say I feel confident as a driver, and it's only going to get better for me! Thank you so much, Parveen you are amazing ”

Nandini : ”I passed my test 2 days ago after taking 10 classes with Parveen. This was my 3rd test and I have been taught by 2 other instructors. I genuinely believe that it was Parveen's style of teaching that finally allowed me to understand where I was going wrong, correct my mistakes, and crack the test! Parveen is simply a lovely person - she is always positive, patient and encouraging, but she is also very systematic and professional. She finds out right at the start what the student's weak points are, and then works on those areas one by one, and repeatedly - until the student finally gets it! The best thing really is her attitude though: she helped me relax, because she NEVER ever snapped or was less than perfectly nice, even when I made the same mistake 20 times. Because she never snapped and shouted (as I have had other instructors do with me), I could concentrate on identifying and correcting my mistakes. Frankly, I don't know why anybody in the area should learn with any other instructor than Parveen. Just choose her, and watch yourself improve and eventually pass - enjoying yourself all the way. Thank you Parveen. A big hug to you. ”

Mehal : ”On my first lesson, I didn't even know how to start a car properly, I would have never imagined that I would pass my driving test at first attempt with only 3 minors. That was only possible because I had Parveen as my driving instructor. She was an incredible teacher and I enjoyed every single lesson with her! Whenever I was behind the wheel, she would only ever encourage me and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She sees your strengths and weaknesses straight away, which helps a lot as she keeps going back to the weaknesses until you get it right. She will never give up on anyone! If you want to enjoy your time while learning how to drive, as well as brilliant teaching, I would 100% recommend Parveen! ”

Veays : ”Parveen is a very good driving instructor. She was a great instructor.She was able to make the lessons fun and enjoyable but made sure I learnt something new every lesson. Thanks to Parveen I had a great experience throughout my whole driving time. She certainly helped me become a better driver. The cherry on the top was that I PASSED FIRST TIME ”

Ranjit : ”Praise God! I passed my driving test TODAY at my first attempt with Parveeen as my instructor. She is an amazing instructor who teaches in a simple and clear instructions which is easy to understand and also makes driving an enjoyable experience! She is Kind, dedicated, professional and knows how to put one at ease and to encourage. I drove so badly yesterday and was wondering whether I should even go for the test today! . Parveen told me 'Ranjit, you are a good driver and today, you just have a bad day. Forget it.! I owe Parveen a big 'thank you' as she helped me to overcome my fear of driving due to my previous instructor. I gave up driving and after 4 years, decided to have an other attempt.I am so glad I did. I highly recommend Parveen and you will enjoy your time learning from her. Thank you , Parveen. ”

Banita : ”Parveen was the best instructor I could have asked for! Not only did she teach me how to drive and pass my test, but she made sure I was being safe. I am so glad I had all my lessons from scratch with Parveen; she was patient, considerate, easy to learn from, kind and professional the entire time. Learning is difficult but she was so dedicated and caring that she made it easy to feel confident. She is the most genuine teacher and it was a pleasure to have lessons. I owe her a lot and am very grateful she is such a good person! Definitely recommend to all. ”

Ryan : ” I have passed my test today. Having taken driving lessons previously with another instructor (and company) I must say Parveens' way of teaching I found a lot better and within 5 lessons I had a much clearer understanding of how to drive and what the test would entail. I am very happy with the standard of teaching and would highly recommend taking lessons with her. ”

Jigish : ”Today I pass my driving test after 5 times failures. I was with different instructors previously but since I joined parveen I knew that I m going to make it for sure with her help. I m very thankful to parveen for her kind help all the time whenever I was down. She encouraged me all the time and created never give up attitude in myself. I was with bsm and aa the so called big companies but never felt that they were interested in somebody to pass. They are only interested in money. Whereas since I changed my instructor fourth time, I think she was the correct destination if u really want to see selfless person who is only interested in making you pass. She is such a wonderful human being which makes her different than the rest of the driving instructors. I mean thankful to u parveen and want to say thanks for understanding my needs. I can only say god bless you always and make you happy in ur whole life. I would recommend her to all the learners for sure. I must say again you won't find selfless person like her who only care for people like us. 100 out of 10 to her for her kindness to me. Good luck to all. God bless you all. ”

Agata: ”Passed my test yesterday. Massive thank you to Parveen for her support. Great experience, highly recommended. ”

Mehwish: ”Parveen was very friendly, polite and patient during our lessons. She was very helpful throughout and i have no hesitation in recommending her to new learners. ”

Farah: ”Passed my drivig test today first attempt with 5 minors. All credit goes to my instructor Parveen who gave me the comfort and the confidence to ease my test. Parveen I am beyond words, you were so helpful and friendly that made my confidence level up to the peak. I would recommend Parveen to everyone as she's very understanding and spot whatever we are required to pass the driving test with flying colors. Parveen you are a gem and a wonderful person to learn with. ”

Oscar: ”Parveen was a fantastic instructor. She is professional, patient and makes the process of learning to drive actually fun. I have no doubt that anyone choosing to learn with Parveen will have a great time with enough tough-love to get your mind ready for the test and the rest of your driving in the real world. A genuinely kind hearted and funny woman who makes you feel calm and in control whilst behind the wheel and also as though you are genuinely making her day when you inevitably pass under her supervision. Many thanks Parveen! ”

Caniggia: ”Hi I passed the test the second time.I am thankful to Parveen for passing the test.The instructor was good and very nice and made me comfortable while learning on the road.I would recommend any new driver to learn with Parveen.Keep up the good work. ”

Niamh: ”I just want to say a huge thank you to Parveen, she was an absolutely amazing instructor helping me to pass first time! If you are looking for an instructor who will make you enjoy getting up to go to your driving lessons, then there is no doubt Parveen is the instructor for you! Parveen's ability to immediately make you feel comfortable on the road and her clear and concise approach to teaching undoubtable gets results. I would strongly recommend Parveen as a driving instructor, her patience and understanding fills you with confidence and prepares you for your test in a very short period of time. Thank you Parveen! ”

Shannon: ”Parveen is the best instructor I could have asked for! Straight away from the very first lesson she made me feel comfortable and confident on the roads and extremely at ease behind the wheel. She is extremely patient and understanding throughout all lessons and helps you no matter what the situation. All thanks to Parveen I passed first time with only 1 minor. I couldn't have done it without her. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone that is learning to drive. I'm so grateful and feel so lucky that I had an amazing driving instructor. I can't thank Parveen enough, you are amazing! ”

Thivia: ”Parveen was my first driving instructor, she is an amazing teacher. The lessons were always fun but I always learnt something new every lesson. She is very patient and encouraging, always made me feel at ease in the car. I would recommend her to everyone. I would just like to say thank you very much Parveen. Your an awesome instructor! ”

Muhammed: ”Parveen is the Best Instructor in all to get training. I feel fantastic and happy always while sitting with her. She gave me full confidence to Pass my test in first attempt last week. That was happiest moment for me when I got Pass certificate. She Talk well for fun She guide well to best direction She drive well toward success She give confidence toward Test She Build and produce. Excellent Driving skills in learner to be good driver in whole life. I can't Forget her in my life. Thanks Parveen. ”

Alina: ”When I decided to learn to drive I met an enormous task to pick the right driving school and the right instructor for me from a great number of choices. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have chosen 1st Class Driving School and learnt driving under Parveen’s instructing. Not only did Parveen teach me to drive and subsequently help me pass my practical driving test; she was very professional, understanding, and patient each and every lesson. Some days when I struggled and felt quite low myself, Parveen continued to support and encourage me. Although learning to drive can be a difficult and challenging journey, but it is surely attainable with a kind of instructor like Parveen."”

Saika: ”Parveen is one of the best teachers I’ve ever got in my life. She is very friendly, helpful and kind. Basically I am a very nervous person, but she helped me to get rid of my nervousness. She is the person who can make anyone achieve anything. Whenever I was frustrated about driving she encouraged me a lot. She made my journey to get a licence much more easier. Possibly without her I couldn’t pass the test. She is simply the best. Parveen I will always be grateful to you for whatever you have done for me. Thank you so so much!”

Danielle: ”Parveen is the BEST instructor. She was my second instructor i learnt with and straight away made me feel confident on the roads. She made lessons enjoyable and easy to understand especially as she uses the book. She tells you the truth and thanks to her help I passed first time. I would defiantly recommend Parveen. Thank you so much ”

Maaria Rana: ”Parveen is my first ever instructor. After taking 26 lessons I went to Isleworth test centre today and passed! This is due to having faith in Parveen as I know she taught me everything I needed to know, not only to pass my test but also to become a good and safe driver. I have enjoyed my lessons a lot as Parveen teaches in a fun way which makes you want to come to the lessons and you really learn quicker, so I will definitely miss her! Will be recommending the company and Parveen to all my friends as I have had a very pleasant experience ”

Khurram Shahzad: ”I have been taking lesson from Parveen for my driving test and just got my Driving licence. I passed last week and wanted to leave comments for Parveen. I would like to say she has the right skills and attitude for learners as instructor. Throughout my lessons she has been very encouraging to me in order to correct my mistakes. I have learnt valuable skills for my driving. Thanks ”

Agata: ”I would like to share my deepest respect towards my driving instructor Parveen. Thanks to her I'm a driving licence holder. I was always scared of driving and never believed I can do it. She changed my way of thinking and now I'm loving it! Parveen thank you so much for all your support. ”

Amrit Sangha: ” Without Parveen I’m confident I would not have passed- she’s a friendly instructor who always gives you the best possible advice. She teaches in the simplest manner not over confusing the basics, helping to boost your confidence in your driving. She helps you to realise where you’re going wrong and works with you to improve. If your looking for a instructor you can trust and will help you pass and be a safe driver then I recommend you go with Parveen- you won’t regret it! Thanks Parveen!! ”

Sarah Gray: ”Parveen is without a doubt the best driving instructor who doesn't just provide driving lessons but also a level of confidence above and beyond what her job role requires. I previously had a driving instructor with a different company that I had to leave as they did not take into account my personality or needs when being taught. Parveen tailors her lessons to suit individuals and their requirements which makes it very easy to enjoy the lessons. There is not a 'one style fits all' approach with Parveen, she very much finds the learning style best suited to her student. I highly recommend Parveen as an instructor for building confidence, learning properly and having a lot of laughs along the way. Genuinely a lovely warm person who is really easy to get along with. Thanks so much Parveen!! X ”

Safwan: ”It was my honour to have instructor like Parveen because she played great role to pass my driving test in a very positive and dedicated way. She has helped me a lot to gain my confidence and she was always motivational. I recommend you if you need an instructor who not only teach you how to drive but also build your confidence level please go for Parveen. Thanks Parveen for helping me to get this achievement. Really appreciate your help. ”

Matt Williamson: ”Parveen’s tuition was without a doubt the reason that I passed my test on my first attempt. She is an extremely professional and courteous instructor who installed a level of confidence in me right from the start. I really enjoyed my lessons with Parveen, her endearing sense of humour and optimistic personality are obvious and helped me relax and become a much better driver lesson by lesson. I cannot recommend her enough to someone who is starting out, her reliability and level of communication and honesty will greatly assist any learner. I cannot thank her enough!”

Zara Siddiq: ”thee best instructor ive come across she honestly made me gain my confidence in the car and drive safely she is the only reason i passed my driving test really nice and lovely aswell explained everything clearly so i understood ”

Stephen Beltran: ”She was a great instructor, I passed 1st time. She was able to make the lessons fun and enjoyable but made sure i learnt something new every lesson. Also she always stayed truthful about my weaknesses and made sure we focused on them until i got it right. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to take lessons. ”

Aline: ”I thought she was a very good instructor. Her methods of teaching were very beneficial to new learners. She teaches in an incremental and effective way, where you learn something new every lesson. I really just enjoyed her lessons, as it's important to have fun while learning, so that you feel more comfortable and confident, which she made sure of. I would definitely recommend Parveen to others who want to learn in a proper yet fun manner. ”

Ali: ”Parveen is THE perfect instructor; I would have never imagined that learning to drive would have been so much fun! She is patient, dedicated and mostly, fun to be around. She has always given me 100% and at times even that little bit extra. I passed first time round and it has changed my life. Every time I am in my car and outside is freezing cold I am so grateful to Parveen All the merit goes to YOU! I would recommend Parveen to anyone over and over again, as well a friendship has been born.”

Priyanka Behl: “I am really pleased to write this testimonial for Parveen, you are an amazing instructor, you were so supportive and patient with me for the last few months.Thank you so much for your expertise. I have a new lease of life now.Couldn't have done it without you and will miss my lesson. Thank you again!! “