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Rupert is sadly missed by all - let him rest in peace.

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Age: 50’s

Car: Nissan Note

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, watching television, cinema and theatre

Qualities: Patient, good listener, good sense of humour and not judgemental.

Experience: 20+ years driving

Personal Profile: I should be chosen because I will help develop confidence to drive on todays busy roads, I will work together with each individual pupil to best suit their needs.

Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details 175
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
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Carmen: ”Rupert is an incredible driving instructor. If not THE best.. He's who Tina Turner must have been singing about. He is endlessly patient and encouraging, he built my confidence up and shook me out of the bad habits I had acquired with a previous instructor. He instilled in me the skills and safety you need for life after the test. And now when I'm out there on the open road, in my own car, driving along like a true free spirit, I think back to the time when I was lucky enough to have Rupert sitting next to me making me laugh and teaching me how to DRIVE! ”

Geoff: ”Rupert helped me to pass my test first time with 4 minors after just 15 lessons. He is incredibly invested in his pupils and never lets you get away with any bad habits or mistakes which is exactly what you need. He has a very easy and likable manner and the lessons never felt like a chore. If you are serious about learning to drive and want someone to teach you who genuinely cares about your progress, then Rupert is your man! ”

Hans: ”I have to say Rupert is a fantastic driving instructor, who helped replace my bad habits and constant mistakes with good and safe techniques which will definitely help me for life. He taught me about defensive driving as well as planning ahead which made driving easier and safer. He helped me physiologically and made me feel confident behind the wheel which helped me pass my test with two minors. Finally I have to say that Rupert does more than just teaches his students how to pass the exam but teaches them how to drive responsibly in their driving careers. I would definitely recommend Rupert to anyone learning especially new, rusty learners with a lack of confidence and bad habits because he is patient, understanding and adapts accordingly. Thank you Rupert for your help...Best teacher ever. ”

Kay: ”After passing my test today after marginally failing the first time (by one serious fault) I had to leave a few words about the greatest instructor ever Mr Rupert. Rupert was the third instructor that I worked with; the first instructor wasn't necessarily bad but he had a combination of holidays, unfortunate accidents and eventually left, the second (from a different company ) rouged me by up and leaving without a trace when I was tied into a 5 lesson package and had another 3 lessons remaining and then I returned back to 1st Class n chose Rupert partly due to the large number of positive testimonials he had. I can officially say with no hesitation that these testimonials couldn't be more true, Rupert really is an attentive, easy-going, good-humoured but most importantly dedicated instructor. He's the type to give praise where praise is due and give positive criticism when needed which in my case really helped me as by the next lesson I took what he said on board and implemented it to my driving. I really could say so much about how great Rupert is but to sum it up you really can't go wrong by choosing Rupert as HE WILL TAKE YOU TO A PASSING STANDARD GUARANTEED. That's coming from someone who in the early days severely struggled with clutch control and never thought they'd pass to someone who HAS PASSED so if you want to pass then choose Rupert. End of. ”

Lauren J : ”After having a few lessons with another instructor which didn't work out, I switched to Rupert. Once I started with him I had very little confidence in my driving ability, but that changed fast. He is an amazing instructor and built my confidence very quickly, he is extremely calm, honest, motivational, down to earth and a great laugh which made it very easy to feel comfortable and get long with him. I have already recommended him to friends and family looking to start their lessons. His explanations of manoeuvres made learning them a breeze. I'm very happy to say that yesterday I passed my driving test, 1st time, with 4 minor faults and I couldn't have done it without him, or asked for a better instructor. Thank you so much Rupert!!!! ”

Katie H: ”I moved to London a while back and realised at 32 I really should learn to drive! I'd always been too scared if I'm honest, but being unfair on my boyfriend having to drive all the time I thought it was time to 'man up' and start learning. Rupert was assigned as my instructor, I explained I had absolutely no experience, he made me feel more comfortable and reassured me I'll be fine!!! He explained clearly why's and how's, do's and don't's and would always praise at the end of the lesson when it was deserved. Even when I did something wrong, he'd explained clearly why and never got frustrated! As the weeks went on I became a much more confident driver and went ahead and passed my theory and practical test first time! So a massive thanks to Rupert for his great teaching and giving me the confidence I'd never had before. ”

Kate T: ”After experiencing three accidents as a pedestrian, a passenger and a learner driving with another driving school I was a very nervous driver when my husband recommended Rupert to me. He was absolutely fantastic in building up my confidence and his calm, friendly and reassuring manner ensured that I looked forward to my lessons rather than dreading them! I passed second time around (I passed the driving section in my first test but messed up the manoeuvre) with no faults at all! Thank you Rupert for being such a brilliant instructor. ”

Umar: ”Rupert has been a fantastic driving instructor and I will slightly miss our lessons now. Having started with no previous experience of driving, Rupert instilled confidence in my driving ability very quickly. He was always very thorough in his explanations and was always full of praise when you drove well but also made you aware of your mistakes and how best to improve them moving forward. Overall I really enjoyed my lessons with Rupert and would like to say a big thank you to him for helping me to pass my practical test at the first time of asking with only two minor faults!”

Ibrahim Kamara: ” THIS IS THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EVER. Coming from another driving instructor that was in a well known driving school, I was a bit scared about the change but Rupert gave me the best experience ever. He is calm, friendly and knows what he is talking about. With Rupert you learn something new every lesson so you are never wasting your money. One thing I liked about Rupert is that he never ever panicked which is very motivating and helpful for new drivers. I learnt more with Rupert than I did with nearly 30 hours with my other instructor! Rupert has a high Pass rate and he told me before hand he does not let anyone book their test if he does not feel they are ready which shows he really cares about his pupils and is not there to just take money. I started driving with Rupert in the Summer Holidays and passed my test First TIME in NOVEMBER!! He is amazing and I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to see results fast! Thanks Rupert ! ”

Maliha: ”I recently passed my test, first time round, after being taught by Rupert. I looked forward to my lessons with Rupert every week for the passed few months and now i'm already missing him! His timekeeping and experience alone is enough for my FULL RECOMMENDATION to hire him as an instructor let alone the fact that he is a BRILLIANT teacher who has been patient, intuitive, honest and incredibly funny in all of my lessons. You couldn't ask for anything more for someone to teach you one of the most important lessons of your life! ”

Savas Yilmaz: ”When I first took lessons with Rupert, I did not know how to get into second gear and was scared to be on the main roads, but he was relaxed and seemed to know exactly how to work with me. He explained very clearly, and the way I would make sense of it, allowed me to do it and then slowly got me on the main roads without me even feeling the pressure. Passed on my second attempt. I would recommend anyone to Rupert if they prefer intelligent driving, and actually understanding what they're doing, rather than just doing it, because they've been instructed to. ”

Trayo: ”I drove with Rupert for about 4 months before I passed my test, and I have to say it was an exciting yet challenging experience. I would not have passed first time in such little time without Rupert as my instructor. He is a dedicated, honest reliable man and I would recommend him to anyone I know who is looking to excel in their driving and pass first time! I can definately say I will the times when I had my mouth wide open and my eyes watering listening to all his funny jokes/stories. It has been a pleasure working with such a great man- any of his new pupils will be lucky to have him. ”

Carmen: ”I was delighted to have Rupert as a driving instructor. Before starting classes with him I looked at his reviews and decided to choose him. He did not disappoint me once. He is a very patient and reliable teacher. It has been a pleasure driving with him. He taught me to drive to my best abilities and guaranteed that I passed on my first try. Not only is he a great driving teacher but also a very friendly person whom is very easy to talk to. Many thanks Rupert for the great experience! ”

Mouctar: ”I have had couple of lesson with my boss, my hero, my great instructor, the best of all instructor who has been name Rupert. Rupert is a kind of instructor who can take you from grass to grace in driven. I meet Rupert at time I have met some instructor but to be honest I never met an instructor like Rupert. He will always try to make what you think is difficult to easy for you, he is calm never get panic always in control and always explaining to details about driving and always hay me to your success. I am very grateful to my man Rupert for the good job done by taking all the bad habit I got before by replacing them by very good one that make me day like today of of the uk full driving licence holder. I am so happy for this because I never thought that I will ever got it before I met this angel. Hey Rupert u are a master............... If any one want to get success in driving ask for Rupert and never go for your test before he is satisfied it is not going to be a waste of time for u........................ ”

Juliette: ”THIS IS NOT A REVIEW; IT IS A FACT!! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor! I have pondered on how to write the best review on Rupert, but I don't think I can tell you enough how brilliant he is, so you'll just have to see for yourself. I started my driving lesson from scratch with Rupert and needless to say I was terrified of driving. But he has been a wonderful instructor and has made me confident in driving. His calmness; humorous attribute; and vast knowledge makes it a breeze to learn. He believed in me and was very encouraging throughout our lessons. Such is his dedication that he incorporates modern technologies like apps and videos in his teaching which, with everything else; make him stand out from other Instructors. I passed my test a couple of days ago with only ONE driver's fault. Cheers Rupert! ”

Francis: ”After doing lessons on and off and having bad instructors for a long time I came on to this website and decided to go with Rupert. He is a very calm, motivating, patient and friendly instructor who I would highly recommend. He is also very punctual. Thanks to him I passed my test today and I am over the moon! :D ”

Stephanie: ”Give praise where praise is due is an understatement when it comes to the teaching and support I got from Rupert in my driving experience. I had stopped my lessons for 6/8 months before I met Rupert, I had lost all confidence in me ever being able to drive as well as I use to let alone past my test, Rupert changed all of that for me and helped me to feel more confident with my driving. He changed me from driving like a learner to driving like a driver! Rupert has got to be one of the kindest, down to earth people I know, he's extremely flexible, extremely patient and makes driving fun. If your looking for a instructor that will genuinely help you with learning how to drive excellently, RUPERT is the instructor you need. I always had the best lessons with Rupert, I actually looked forward to every lesson I had. But beware of some of his dull jokes (just pretend you get them and laugh). Thanks for all your driving wisdom and life lessons you taught me. Your a star! Passed on: 1st November 2012 ”

Korie: ”RUPERT HAS TO BE THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EVER!!!!!! I had 2 driving instructors before I had the honour of being presented with a wonderfully patient calm positive and understanding driving instructor who is always ensuring you get the best out of your time with him. Rupert is a very good driving instructor he is simply amazing words can't describe how happy I was in my lesson, I walked away from every lesson feeling like I've learned something new and knowing that I've been pushed that little bit more. As a result of his amazing teaching skills I ended up passing first time...WOOP WOOP!!!!!! Seriously learning to drive is a less daunting experience with the right instructor.................RUPERT IS THE RIGHT INSTRUCTOR!!! Happy driving!!!!!!! :-D ”

Herly Cortes: ”I just received my Driving licence. I really enjoyed the classes with Rupert and I would like to say that for every learner it is difficult to sit and just drive, but Rupert's approach made every situation easy and enjoyable. He is really patient and even when I made a terrible mistake he keeps his calm and does not criticise me in any way. All his comments are clear and objective - that made me feel so confident and as a result I passed at my first attempt. ”

John D: ”Rupert has been absolutely fantastic. His calm and friendly approach made it very comfortable learning with him. He is very considerate and aims to make your experience learning with him relaxed and enjoyable, whilst taking one lesson at a time towards your goal. He also has a very high 1st time pass rate. I would highly recommend Rupert if your are based in South east London! Cheers Rupert! ”

Ian T: “Having returned to lessons after a 12 year gap, I found Rupert's expert tuition to be a critical factor in helping me achieve my driving goal. Rupert's clam, clear and friendly instruction coached me from rusty and ramshackle to confident and responsible driver in no time. I passed at my first attempt with only 1 minor fault. My experience with Rupert has left me in no doubt that he'd be a brilliant instructor for any leaner - he's even teaching my wife now! Thanks Rupert! “

 Geoff with Driving test pass certificateGeoff passed his Driving test 1st time with Rupert at Mitcham

 Chloe with Driving test pass certificateChloe passed her Driving test at Hither Green with Rupert

 Victoria with Driving test pass certificateVictoria passed her Driving test with Rupert

 Holly with Driving test pass certificateHolly passed her Driving test with Rupert

 Veranne with Driving test pass certificateVerane passed her Driving test with Rupert

 Kelvin with Driving test pass certificateKelvin passed his Driving test with Rupert

 Adiam with Driving test pass certificateAdiam passed her Driving test with Rupert