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How old do I have to be to start Driving Lessons?

For most of us it is 17 years but if you are currently getting Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate (mobility component) you can start at 16. You can, however, apply for a Provisional Licence when you are 16 (because at that age you are able to ride a moped) - so if you are keen to start - apply for a provisional well before your 17th birthday to get a Driver Number so you can the book your theory test for your 17th birthday!

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How soon after becoming 17 can I pass my Driving test?

3 weeks is about the quickest and the way to do this is:

  • Apply for your provisional licence 3 months before your birthday.
  • As soon as you receive it book your theory test for your birthday and your first lesson with us the day after.
  • Revise well so you pass the Theory test first time
  • Normal test waiting times are 4-6 weeks, but we can usually get you one within far quicker - so as long as you are able to take whatever lessons you need quickly we should be able to get you through your test within 2/3 weeks after your birthday.
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How do I apply for a first provisional license & how much does it cost?

If you have never held a driving license before you will need to apply for a provisional license.

You must:

1. Complete driving licence application form D1 and photo card application form D750 (available from most post offices)

2. Enclose original documentation confirming your identity, either

  • Full valid Current Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Registry of Birth (Provided your name is present on the certificate)
  • Adoption certificate
  • ID Card issued by a member state of the EC/EEA
  • Travel Documents issued by the Home Office
  • Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration
    If your name is now different from that shown on the document you submit to confirm your identity, you must also supply original documentary evidence to confirm your change of name e. Marriage Certificate, Decree Absolute or Decree Nisi papers, Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration

3. Enclose a photograph of you which must be:

  • Colour passport-type and size (size of image 45 mm x 35 mm) - Not black & white
  • A recent and true likeness, showing the full face, with no hat, helmet or sunglasses
  • Taken against a plain, evenly lit and light background.
  • Signed on the reverse by the person who has completed section 5 of your D750 form (if you enclose any document other than a full valid current United Kingdom passport).
    Unless you send a full valid current United Kingdom passport with your application you must have the reverse of your photograph signed by either:
    • An MP
    • A Magistrate
    • A Minister of Religion
    • A professionally qualified person (e. engineer, lawyer, teacher et) ie someone with letters after their name
    • A local councilor
    • A bank officer
    • A civil servant
    • A police officer; or
    • Someone of similar standing.

    This person must have known you personally for at least two years and must not be a relative and must also complete section 5 of your D750 form.

4. Enclose the appropriate fee, which at Feb 2013 is £50.

5. Send the whole lot off to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD

Note that if this is your first license application then you cannot legally drive until you have received the license.

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How to save money learning to drive

"Prepare well and choose wisely"

Latest figures from the Department of Transport say that on average pupils passing their Driving test take 49 hours of Driving lessons with a Driving Instructor plus 20 hours of practice. So at an average price of £20 per lesson (£25 with some) its going to cost you over a £1,000 (including test fees)- OUCH!!

  • Prepare - get hold of The Highway Code, Driving Manual and Know your Traffic signs - each are best purchased from Amazon or Ebay. You can either pay an Instructor to teach you all that is in those books or you can do it yourself! Ideally you should know everything about driving before you take your first driving lesson
  • Choose your Instructor wisely - Find out as much as possible BEFORE you book a driving lesson - We provide Videos specifically so you can see the type & personality of the instructor to ensire they are right for you
  • Only book one lessons - tell you why like all industries you are going to get the good and the not so good. You are paying for Driving lessons and that means you actually driving the car - Yes!. According to the RAC average mileage cost of running a car is 52p per mile. So in one hour you want to be driving - lets say 30mph which would equal 30 miles, but then with maneouvres, start talk & end of lesson resume, etc. Lets say you actually cover say 1/2 of that = 15 miles at .52p = £7.80
    That is 1/3rd of the amount you are paying for your Driving lesson!.
    So a good Instructor who does want to give the best for you will let you drive - one thats not got your interests at heart may keep you talking at the roadside (cos he saves money when you are not driving). Added if you are restricted in driving you are going to need more lessons!!!!.
    So the first lesson is the test - a good Instructor will test you to find out what you already know, work around that and get you driving. The not so good will probably spend a lot of the lesson talking to you and possibly telling you things that you already know.
    Your call - who is going to get you through a test quicker and more cheaply???
    So try before you buy - and quite realistically we give you a 1st lesson moneyback guarantee
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How to choose a Driving Instructor

This can be the difficult one - there are many Driving Instructors, many Schools with different prices and all claim to be the best!

One thing is quite clear is that if you get the right one you will save time and money, the wrong one could cost you lots.

Clearly we are biased towards our Driving Instructors, but we do what few other schools do. We publish a video introduction to them and post their testimonials individually so you can read other pupils experiences.
That means that you can get a feel for an Instructor before you book a trial lesson. Added to this we also give a moneyback guarantee on your first lesson - if you are not totally happy with your Instructor we will refund that lesson cost in full.


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How do I apply for a theory test & how much does it cost?

You can book online at www.gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test or by phone on 0300 200 1122 Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. You will need your driver number (from your provisional license) and a credit/debit card to pay the appropriate fee. For more details of how the test is conducted, etc. visit the DSA site

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Can I start driving lessons before I have passed my theory test?

Yes - we suggest that you do so that the theory test will make more sense.

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Who is allowed to teach or supervise me?

Anyone who is at least 21 years old and have held a full EC motor car license for at least 3 years can supervise and teach you - as long as you do not pay them.

Only a registered Driving Instructor is allowed to charge money for teaching and supervising you. It is illegal for anyone else to charge you - either in money or "money's worth" (means that you cannot pay for the petrol or work off the lessons or anything else)

Anyone who does not comply with these requirements could be liable to a fine up to £1,000, disqualification or 3-6 penalty points (as could the learner driver).

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How do I apply for a Driving test & how much does it cost?

You can book by phone on 0300 200 1122 or at www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test

You will need:

  • your theory test pass certificate number
  • your driver number shown on your licence
  • your personal details (name, address, day / evening telephone numbers)
  • your driving instructors code number - this ensures that they do not book two tests for him at the same time
  • your preferred date/ unacceptable days or periods
  • any disability or special circumstances
  • your credit / debit card number and its expiry date

Please note that if you wish to cancel your practical test appointment, you must give us at least ten clear working days notice, not counting the day DSA received your request and the day of the test.

 If you don't give enough notice you will lose your fee.

Saturday and weekday evening tests are available at some driving test centres. The fee for these are higher than for a driving test during normal working hours on weekdays. Evening tests are available during the summer months only

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How do I know when I am ready for my driving test?

If you can drive and control your car safely and competently, with due care and anticipation of other road users, weather and traffic conditions and can competently complete all of the maneuvers then, and only then are you ready to pass your driving test.

You must take advice from your instructor as to when you are ready - too soon and it can be a costly and confidence shattering.

However enthusiastic and keen you are please bear in mind that your driving test will be the first occasion when you are let loose on your own - if the examiner intervenes then the test is automatically terminated.

Your Driving Instructor therefore will have to assess how safe you are and also how safe his car will be in your hands. So please do not go off and book a test before he advises that your ready - we do not like to have to refuse the use of our car for test.

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